Chutes and Ladders

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  1. What a great insight/analogy. I love great analogies. 🙂

  2. Dawn says:

    It’s a process…and yes that is a good analogy. We have out ups and downs after divorce (even when you are the one who initiates it). There is peace in between the ups and lows too.
    Thank you for this…it is always comforting to know we are not the only ones.

  3. movingliquid says:

    I’m discovering that every single day I face new challenges in dealing with my impending divorce. It’s so tiring and I wish I could have a break from it, but I’ve got no choice but to get up each day and do my best to fight the battle. Thanks for this article. Recovery is a process with ebb and flow, not a one way pass.

  4. I can relate to with that progress.. sometimes we have to keep on climbing.

  5. Great analogy. In my case I feel I am playing two games concurrently; the emotional and the legal / financial. Try as I might to build up those emotional ladders the legal / financial snake pitfalls keep appearing from nowhere.

  6. I think I will have to see if my grandson will play with me. I haven’t played in years.

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