Authentic Cubic Zirconia

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  1. Jennie Saia says:

    My ring is a white sapphire. It doesn’t sparkle as much as a diamond, but the reasons I love it go far deeper than sparkle. I feel the same way about my marriage, and I’m with you 100%. I choose the real thing, make with intent.

  2. 1wyrdsmith says:

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    This was such a timely post for me. I’ve spent the last few days thinking about my old marriage, what it was, what it wasn’t, and how my marriage now is so different, in so many good ways.
    Plus, it made me laugh – because it reminded of yet another let down by my ex. After the divorce, I kept my jewelry. Not much, my ring, a pair of diamond earrings. That’s it.
    Except it wasn’t.
    When I went to sell my diamond earrings (to pay for bills necessitated by the divorce), I was informed that they weren’t real diamonds – they were glass, and therefore worth nothing. I was floored.
    I had purchased those earrings with my ex, so I knew for a fact they were real diamonds.
    Which means at some point, the ex got into my jewelry box, took the real earrings, sold them (for God knows what), and then replaced them with the fakes.
    Sort of like our whole marriage.

  3. I like the real deal.

  4. I kid you not, true story, I cried without an engagement ring so he bought me an “Uncertified” diamond. In my pain and confusion to make things right I gave it to a church, put it in the donation box. At dinner, my brother in law complained about con artists that give fake rings to churches, there was an article in the paper. Dun Dun Dun dunnn, yep, it was mine. I will buy myself a watch someday instead.

  5. I’d mine the damn thing and forge the ring myself to show how real I am. It might look like shit in the end, it might not be worth a dime, but she’d always know the lengths I’d go for her.

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