Lost and Found

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  1. I may be close to the end of my marriage. I am terrified on so many levels and with little to no one to talk to it doesn’t lessen the fear… it adds to it. I’ve stayed unhappy for so long because financially it’s easier but then I begin to think Maybe its more than that.
    I am glad that your story has its happy ending.

  2. Your list frightens the Hades out of me, but then it also doesn’t. Is that strange?

  3. I cannot wait to find all of the things I have lost. Knowing you’ve made the journey and there is a light at the end of the tunnel helps.

    • Good:) That was my hope with this post. I’ll be honest, there are still things that are gone for good, but the new blessings more than make up for it. It’s not possible to recreate the life you had, but it is certainly possible to create one that is even better.

  4. tcresa says:

    Even though the split was my thing, I am suffering many of the same issues. He got all the family (his and mine, although I am re-inserting myself) except the kids and grandkids. I stopped working 15yrs ago to take care of my aging parents and his and he took control of all the finances, but suddenly despite 17yrs of work in the first half, he calls it all his. I got the dogs, the cats and the koi, for now. There is a reason many of us stay in poor marriages for years. The end is just the beginning of scary days. But…I’ll be working again soon, have my own house, feel empowered to soon be in control of my own financial destiny. Opportunity knocks!

  5. Matt says:

    Wonderful post, Lisa.

    I’m not into more than eight months into this new life. It’s amazing how much easier it is to breathe.

    The one that really hit me was “Comfort in Being.”

    I can just sit at the keyboard and write, write, write.

    Or I can lounge on the couch in total silence or with a book or with something on television.

    I’m definitely getting my groove back in the kitchen.

    With each passing day, the trauma lessens. The grief dissipates.

    And tangible healing takes place. You don’t even really have to meet it halfway. It just… happens.

    Thank you again for all you give to this place. Reminding the rest of us to keep at it.

    I can’t tell you how much I hope you’re finding joy in your new life.

  6. Matt says:

    That was supposed to say “now more than eight months into this new life” but I’m an impulsive child and don’t know how to proofread or write grammatically correct sentences.

    So at least I have that going for me.

    • I have no room to say anything about typos! I think I’ve elevated them (and mixed metaphors) to a whole new level! So, keep calm and typo on:)

      I remember being so scared to just be. Afraid of what I would find. And it turned out I found peace. Pretty crazy, huh?

      • Matt says:

        I was terrified of being alone at first. I would latch on to any friend who would hang out. And if no one was available, I’d spend all night on the phone.

        Then, one day at a time, that fear slowly went away.

        And now? I sometimes crave the solitude. The time to think. To write. To feel.

        Valuable moments.

        Thank you for your typo-forgiveness. 🙂

  7. MYR says:

    My hair, which I’ve worn short for years but had recently begun to grow out also fell out. The weird thing is I never saw it happening. No more hair than normal in sink, in combs or brushes. Yet when I went to comb/style it (on days I could manage that) I’d notice there was less there. Went back to the cropped style I was wearing before. H will have to be content with memories of running his fingers through her hair.

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