Bust a Rut

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  1. You are a kind and thoughtful soul.

  2. Its so true. We call them the “New Years Resolution Crowd”, most of whom are gone by mid-February….only the committed are left by Easter!

  3. As I emerge from my own rut, thanks for sharing your awesome spin on it!

  4. tcresa says:

    I’m heading out to a Saturday yoga class soon.. I’ve been at this studio for 7yrs and January is always difficult. We (those of us who are there year round) have our favorite mat spots in the room, our favorite props. When there are “newbies” the flow of the class is slower, more interrupted as the instructor helps with positions, as she should. But shaking it up is good. Having to do a pose with someone 6″ away instead of 6ft is a new challenge. My mindset is changed by reading this post…Thanks…

  5. OMG I so know this story. The worst thing? When every “spare” machine is an “arms or upper body” machine, so you end up doing a top half of body workout for an hour 4 days in a row because you can’t get on anything else! Lol 🙂

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