Black Ice

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  2. plussizemom says:

    I am in love with your posts and how you write them. I’m also going through something similar to what you went through. I was married at 16 and am now 21 getting the divorce that should have happened long before now. However the end of mine was not similar as it was no shock although i did feel like it smacked me upside the head when i wasn’t looking.

  3. As devastating as it was at the time, I think now a Tsunami divorce was better than the other alternatives of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ or trying to save a marriage without trust. A tsunami completely flattens and afterwards there is only one option in how to proceed…up.

  4. my0wneyes says:

    I’m in the Atlanta area as well, but I am from NY so I know that this could have been prevented. If not totally at least it could have been handled better. I have serious cabin fever and it as a NY’er I can’t see the reason. I don’t mind having a day off if necessary but this is crazy.

    • Crazy it is. We are more limited in our capabilities than the NE to handle this stuff, but this was just poor planning. I’m just thankful that it was merely uncomfortable, not dangerous, for most people.

  5. What a perfect comparison. I just went through a day of black ice. Polite conversation (e-mail) after nearly a month of silence, then the whammy of ugly as the final word. Always that, I always let him have that final word because I suppose it makes him feel manly, I don’t have the energy to counter punch. I know it is there (black ice), I try to go with caution but, well I can’t prevent the slide into hurt.

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