Of Horses and Zebras

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  1. Phenominal analogy. I am still a zebra-spotter. I am hoping to find that middle ground you speak of at some point. Thnak you.

  2. Matt says:

    This is fantastic, Lisa.

    Wishing you and your household a very happy and blessed holidays.

  3. I understand EXACTLY what you mean about the zebra and his stripes.
    I have enjoyed your posts this year….. I do not always have time to respond. I am off-air for three weeks. Have a joyous Christmas and I will ‘see’ you again in the new year.

  4. I am definitely a zebra sniper right now. It’s going to be quite awhile before I can come back down off of high alert, I know how to be even keel, it’s just going to take a long time to get back there. Glad you are making positive progress!

  5. nomibug says:

    Reblogged this on 365 Days – A diary of a newly single mum and commented:
    I don’t think I’ve reblogged before, but this post from ‘Lessons From the End of a Marriage’ is such a simple concept for what can feel like an impossible hurdle after being betrayed by someone you trusted, that I wanted to share. Here’s to a new year of thinking of horses, but being open to seeing stripes.

  6. 1myr says:

    I’m currently zebra hunting. My husband is away on business. He called last yesterday when he arrived, giving details about what his plans were for the rest of the day, also called this morning. You know how they say people get caught in lies when they give too much detail. Is that him being transparent (I did call him out about that a couple of days before he left) bec he knows I’m worried or is it really him being opaque?

    I’m also worried because I’ve broken down and begun checking the (ex)OW’s social media sires and there’s been no activity for last 24 hours. The pattern in the past was she was very quiet on social media when they were together.

    Sigh. It’s going to be a long week.

    • I am so sorry. It is going to be a long week. It’s so hard to know if you’re picking up on what is there or seeing ghosts from the past. That balance of being alert without manufacturing evidence is so difficult. Try to keep yourself busy and, if you can, stay off of her social media. It’s going to be important that you don’t whip yourself into a panic by the time he gets home. Not easy, I know.

  7. Wonderful job!

    Not only did I have a zebra (!) in marriage, I then went on to develop another zebra – the rarest form of a rare and severe hereditary disease.

    Despite being so sick that I was sometimes bed bound for weeks, I was repeatedly declared anxious and depressed. After several long and painful years, I was finally diagnosed and have successfully begun treatment.

    The parallels are many.

    In both cases, the damage was enormous and the rebuilding took (is taking) a long time.

    In both cases, what I most craved was to be understood.

    Most of all, in both cases I fought like hell for what I knew to be true. And in both cases, I am seeing victory!

    We zebra hunters are corageous and strong!

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