Don’t Take Your Divorce Personally

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  1. Colleen says:

    This book is one of my favorite books. I started working on “don’t take anything personally” around 10 years ago. It seems so simple. Love your post. 😀

  2. I enjoyed your article and please keep sharing your thoughts/insights/opinions at

    Having gone through a divorce, of a marriage of 18+ years, time does not heal all wounds. That both of us played a role in the deterioration. That if I could go back in time I would to change/improve many aspects of our relationship.

    Regrets are the heaviest burdens to carry.

    Thank you again.

    Jeff Schrembs

  3. thanks for this I will definitely check it out..I need it!

  4. Oh, man. Just, oh man. Thanks!

  5. momfawn says:

    Very well said, Lisa. I haven’t read The Four Agreements, but will look for it. – Fawn

  6. It’s amazing how much time I spend ruminating about the pain my ex causes me until I read the statement in a book that his actions had nothing to do with me. I was collateral damage. He never intended or planned on hurting but in his idiotic journey that is what happened. This has helped me immensely :).

  7. Don Miguel Ruiz, has open my eye’s and changed my view on my truth. His books were the kick off to my recovery as a healthy person, it has taken me a year to see everything clearly..I want to give his book to every woman I know..

  8. Since I am so early in to a separation and still hurting so badly I am lookng for anything that will give me some direction through the quagmire. Added the book to my next Amazon purchase, thanks.

    • Quagmire. What a word for such a difficult time. The beginning is hard. Gather everything you can to act as a life preserver at this point – words, embraces, a peaceful moment. Surround yourself with what makes you feel understood and accepted and loved. I am so sorry that you are on this journey. May 2014 be the year of your rebirth. Hugs to you:)

  1. November 10, 2014

    […] post really doesn’t have much to do with being alone, but it is a reminder of how we can change our divorce experience. Even if our exes don’t […]

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