I’m a Sucker for Science

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  1. Yes I want to know more! I luv the science stuff, I did a lot of research on love when I met and fell for my wonderful (new) man and have to say it was spot on.

  2. I read the science article and would argue that rejection did immense harm to me, love, friendships, relationships, social standing, practical living – I lost my home, my finances, it was not exaggerated. Also that the negative effects can not be forgotten, if I waited for that to happen I would never have another relationship.

  3. Marie Powers says:

    Thank you for addressing PTSD behavior as a result of divorce. I went through a very nasty divorce after 27 1/2 years of marriage which came to a surprise end (to me…not the ex). I often found myself considering that my reaction and subsequent behavior mirrored the descriptions I have read and heard relating to PTSD and while I found little pursuant to the subject on the Internet I contined to feel there had to be a corrilation. Your recent posts validate my belief and I truly hope more research is done on the subject in hopes that those of us reacting to divorce in this manner will be more accepting of ourselves in the aftermath of the war that is divorce.

  4. Dan_Dlion says:

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