The Person Behind the Story

Today I had the honor of meeting one of the bloggers whose work I admire.

I was able to put a face with a name.

A voice with the words.

A person with the story.

It’s strange meeting a blogging buddy for the first time. In some ways, you know their most intimate tales. Yet, in other ways, they are complete strangers as you may not know basic facts. It’s like a blind date after reading someone’s diary, flipping through his/her photo albums and having lunch with his/her mom.

I’ve known this woman through her writing for the last year and a half. But her blog doesn’t reveal how her face lights up when she hears a child’s laughter. Her writing doesn’t tell you about the determination and resolve that enters her voice when she speaks of her struggles. Her writing speaks of healing, but her spirit shows it.

We spoke of many things, not the least of which was how blogging has become a part of our lives. The online community part of our circle. It is amazing how writing and sharing allows so many voices to be heard and lets so many more know that they are not alone. We write of universal experiences and truths told through our own experiences. And the sum is certainly greater than the parts.

It’s always a little strange (and scary) tearing down that curtain between my public life and my private. But today, I’m glad I did. I not only have more respect for her and her work than I did before, I hope I also have a new friend (Tiger seconds that!).

Thank you for sharing!

6 thoughts on “The Person Behind the Story

  1. It is scary tearing down the curtain and taking a risk. Good things can come from that (not always, but I like to think it does more than not). The blogging community is wonderful, and meeting a member of this community is exciting.

  2. Sanibel – I'm Sanibel and I'm your cruise director for this blog. I'm also a wife and a mom but those aren't my only jobs. I have a tendency to drink the wine and then write, which leads to more than you care to read about. I have a daily need for Yoga and Kenny Chesney, in no particular order. If you can find me a beach then life is good but I don't have a lot of sand for my toes in these cornfields. Welcome to the ride.
    Sanibel says:

    I have had a great experience, similar to this, each and every time I have met a blog person.It is such a rewarding chance to have in life. To have someone know such deep, intimate, secrets about yourself and STILL want to have a drink with you is pretty damn cool.

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