Passionate Protection

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    Some really good thoughts here.

  1. April 27, 2014

    […] There’s a trade-off, of course. Lust may not be as powerful but trust is built. The excitement of the unknown is replaced with the security and comfort of connection. One of the balances acts in any long term relationship is how to maintain the passion within the context of commitment and stability. […]

  2. September 11, 2014

    […] ways, security in any relationship is an illusion. And if you are brave enough to see through it, it can even spice up your sex life. […]

  3. October 25, 2014

    […] We often ask too much of marriage. We expect it to be our safe place, our den against the elements, providing stability and security while also looking to it for passion and excitement. It can’t fulfill both. […]

  4. November 15, 2014

    […] primed with anticipation. Untold books are written about difficulties with a lack of arousal and how a deficit in excitement can lead to a marital dead bedroom when a partner fails to elicit a response in the […]

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