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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Surprising Fun

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A few weeks ago, I was a guest on the Frank Relationship radio show. It was quite a fun show to do; I loved the dynamic between the host, Frank, the psychologist, Gail and myself. It was also I sign of how far I have come in my healing. When Frank stated that he didn’t see anything wrong with the way my husband left the marriage (via text), I didn’t take it personally. In fact, I found that it led to interesting dialog and led me to ask Frank a rather pointed question:)

Here’s the link to the audio and transcript from the show. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Two questions I wish I would have posed: would you view this differently if there had been kids involved and would you feel the same with a business parter who embezzled from the company and then left as you would with a partner who just disappeared.

Oh well, missed opportunities:)

Sharing is caring!

6 thoughts on “Surprising Fun

  1. Lisa, you are gracious! I read the transcript and believe that you are healed. It sounded as if you were being goaded into reacting to bullying on the show. I’d say you held your head up and held to your experience in the face of a ratings minded host. I think you are
    marvelous and have read your book and followed your blog throughout my divorce process. Thank you for sharing….I don’t feel quite so alone
    In the way I’ve felt, during recovery.

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