Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

This has been quite a couple weeks for reuniting with old friends. Facebook may drive me crazy sometimes (like yesterday, when it suggested I “like” a mommy makeover page. Umm…What makes you think I’m a mommy and why do you think I need a makeover?) but it cannot be beat for locating (or being located, in this case!) old friends. Three old friends, from three different times in my life, all found me within the past week.

These connections are extremely special to me, as I am not in contact with many people from my childhood. After I had 13 friends die throughout high school, I pulled back from the rest of friends after graduation. I simply couldn’t handle losing anyone else. The move across the country when I was 21 only cemented that distance. As a result, the only people in my life are either family or those I met after high school.

Until last week.

One lived just down the street from me and we became friends when I was barely out of diapers. I have great memories of us being artsy and craftsy. We shared an obsession with Annie (I seem to recall arguing over who got to wear the red, curly wig). She moved right about when I started Kindergarten, so we never attended the same schools. Even then, we remained friends throughout childhood. It turns out that she also became a teacher, has a passion for travel and has also ended up divorced. She is also the only one of the three who is also childless. Since she is currently out of the country, we have been catching up via our respective blogs.

The next to find me was the ex boyfriend I mentioned in Serendipity.  Where the first friend represents my early childhood for me, this one symbolizes that oh-so interesting period in adolescence when you start to find independence and develop yourself as an individual. Reconnecting with him has brought to surface those memories of myself as a young and unsure adult. It’s pretty funny to look back at myself then… Interestingly, he is the only one of the three that has remained married.

The most recent just found me yesterday. We met in elementary school and remained friends until I moved, but we were at our closest in middle school. This is the friend who knew me through that awkwardness of 7th grade and the panic-inducing first kisses. We spent countless nights at each other’s homes, listening to Motley Crue and analyzing the boys at school. In a small world coincidence, she now lives with her family in the same neighborhood as my mom (I wish I had known this when I visited last month!!). She is divorced and remarried with a young (and adorable) son. Of the three, she was the only one who knew my ex. After she learned the story from the blog, she now wants to join the line of those who want to kill him. She is one of the very few people who knew me before him, during that relationship and now I get to know her again after. That’s pretty special.

In my post on the types of friends you need during divorce, I mentioned the importance of the ones who knew you before.  I may not be in the middle of divorce anymore, but I still appreciate those who knew me before.

I am so grateful to have these three friends back in my life. I am thrilled that the wall between my childhood and adulthood has been breached. All three were all special to me and I have thought of each of them often. It’s interesting to discover the similarities in our stories and the paths that we have all chosen. I am so excited to get to know them now as adults. I think I’ll pass on the red Annie wig, though:)

And tomorrow is a reuniting of a different sort as I begin the new school year. Looking forward to seeing all my lovely coworkers but I am going to miss these leisurely lunches with no kids!

Happy summer ya’ll (what can I say, I’ve gotten back in touch with my Texas roots) and good luck for those of you also beginning the new school year:)


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3 thoughts on “Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

  1. Let's CUT the Crap! – Canada – I'm getting a little LONG in the tooth and have things to say about---ouch---AGEing. I believe it's certainly a state of mind but sometimes it's nice to hear that you're NORMAL. I enjoy reading by the truckload. I'm a grandma but I don't feel OLD although I'm not so young anymore. My plan is to stick it out as long as I can on this lovely planet and only will leave it kicking and screaming!
    Let's CUT the Crap! says:

    Sometimes, old friends are the best. For everything there is a time.

  2. I love the familiarity of reconnecting with people who knew me in those awkward phases. They tend to know my family better than anyone I met in college or later, so they understand a comment like, “and you know how my sister can be!” There’s comfort in that.

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