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  1. Sleep has been ellusive for me too since I went through my tsunami. It’s funny but ever since any change puts me in defensive mode and I find that’s what keeps me from sleeping! I want to lose the fear of it all!

  2. You always know it is serious when you are running out the battery on your kindle 🙂 good luck…

  3. I would not say that planned change is worse than a tsunami. Difficult yes, but at least you are in control and can decide on walking along the edge of the precipice, turning back, or flying. In a tsunami change, you are thrown over the cliff. No choice.
    I think the poor sleep is because your choice has been the flying option (rather than giving up or living a half life) and that takes much courage and planning, but will be the best choice in the end. Good luck.

  1. August 4, 2013

    […] a family hike before the craziness of a new school year, a move and a wedding. I’m not at the precipice anymore; I’m taking the […]

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