Flight, Fight or Breathe

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  1. In this post, you simply and brilliantly sum up the main theory of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which I think of as mindfulness therapy. I’m in a DBT skills group for family members with kids who have mental health disorders and while it’s truly wonderful, the whole thing boils down to exactly what you wrote: breathe. Just breathe before anything else.

  2. This is written so clearly, even I understand it. Awesome.

  3. cathmae says:

    Love it! I can use this myself (if I can just remember to!) but more importantly, I would love to teach this to my son, a teen with autism, whose brain is frequently flooded with panic signals.

    • That is a challenge with anyone on the spectrum. The students that I’ve worked with that have autism seem more in tune with their primal brain, which makes them sometimes scary intuitive yet also prone to irrational panic. Does he respond well to repetitive movements (pacing, rocking, etc.)? I’ve know several people who use that to self-sooth and I’ve even found myself drawn to it at times.

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