Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up.

So we put in an offer on the house last night. It was a crazy scramble getting everything in place. Brock and I both worked with the mortgage company and the realtor to get the financing and the bid prepared. I also spent a significant amount of time researching appliances and costs associated with the work the house needs so that we can watch our budget and make sure we know what is feasible.

And wait.

So now the offer is in, the bidding period is closed and now we wait for some unknown amount of time. Never fun, but even less fun when you haven’t been preparing to move. We’re in kind of a limbo. If this house falls through, we most likely won’t move until November or December, meaning life goes on. If, however, we get the house…

Hurry up.

We’ll have to pack and be ready to close and move a couple weeks into August (and the new school year). We have to find a fridge (Craigslist, please come through for us!!!) and start tackling the paint (I think the house’s nickname should be the painted whore; it has a New Orleans drag queen sort of look on every surface) and carpet. We won’t have the funds to do everything at once…

And wait.

I’m working on preparing myself to not go into Lisa mode, where I frantically try to get everything done at once. There will be time enough to do it all. I pre-coaching myself on the importance of patience, just in case this actually happens.

Meanwhile, I’m going to hurry up…

And live.

Meanwhile, I’m leaving tomorrow for a girl’s weekend (my first ever!) on Tybee Island. I’m feeling kind of guilty about it. When the trip was planned, this was just a normal weekend. Now? Anything but. It’s a couple hundred bucks that could be going to the house and I’m leaving Brock alone to deal with stuff just as he will be coming off a rough week at work. But feeling guilty won’t cost any less and won’t help Brock juggle his weekend. So, I am going to do my best to put this out of my mind and just enjoy the beach and the company:)

I may be waiting on a house but I am not waiting to live.  After all, I can multi-task!

On another note, I did a fun radio show this morning. I had a great time even though the host believes that there is nothing wrong with leaving a marriage abruptly via text message! I’ll post the link when it goes live next month.


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8 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. I hope the wait isn’t too long and that you get the house. Also, have fun on your weekend away.
    I almost missed it at the bottom there…but WHAT??? I bet the host would feel differently if he/she had been through anything close to what you (we in the Tsunami Divorceland) have lived through! SMH…

  2. Have fun on Tybee! It’s a gorgeous place and perfect for letting your cares drift away. Forget about the house and your soon to be frantic month of August and let yourself relax and enjoy the beach. Meanwhile we’ll see you soon!

  3. Congrats Lisa! Hope you have a fun weekend. I like the others will be waiting to hear about that radio show. What a jerk! To think that its okay to text a divorce? Oh boy, if you didn’t clobber him, you are a saint.

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