Carrot Cake Green Smoothie

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  1. Hey there! I got this book and am madly trying smoothie recipes every day (seriously yum!). I’ve got a question about flax seed. Should I buy ground flax seed for smoothies or does it even mater (ground v. whole)? I’ve been using chia seeds, because I’ve got a bag, but was stumped when I went to Amazon for flax seed. Thanks!

    • So glad you’re enjoying them! On the flax, it doesn’t really matter but ground is preferable so that it’s easier to digest (the seeds are too small for a blender to grind fully). Plus, you can then use it for baking, cereal, etc.

      Would you be willing to put up a review of the book on amazon! There isn’t one yet and it certainly helps increase people’s confidence. Especially when I’m telling them to put spinach in their smoothies!:)

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