The Garden

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  1. In my old life I had a wonderful yard, 7 flower beds and a garden that was 20 years worth of my work. I gave it all up for a man who betrayed me. I now live in a two bedroom apartment with 2 kids. I understand the longing as you pass by the flowers in the nurseries. I miss my garden so much.

  2. CRM says:

    I’ve never had a garden but am dreaming of one- just purchased two colorful bougainvillea bushes and am gonna start there 😉

  3. ” I have become my own garden. “. How poignant I love it ! There’s so much hope there. Thanks for sharing

  4. Lori Gibson says:

    I also had to leave my garden behind. It is something that still upsets me in the spring and summer when I think about my rose bushes that I planted and nursed. My ex got to keep that house and now has the other woman there with him. They get to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I pray that one day I’ll have a garden again

    • Isn’t it wild how attached we can become to those plants? I find myself mentally touring the garden and estimating how much each plant has grown (assuming the new owners didn’t tear it all down!). I hope that years from now, we are both posting pictures of our lovely new gardens:)

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