The End.

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  1. Beautiful post! Bonus points for using the word “squirrelier” – it describes antsy kids to a “T”. 🙂

  2. Last days were always strange to me, as a student it always felt unfinished, like i had forgotten something or left something behind…possibly a part of me…and it turns out i was right. I honestly think school days really were the best days (and I was bullied for 6 years straight lol) If only we had the knowledge (and money) that we do now but back then…if only we had listened to the older ones when they told us the same thing. Great post. 🙂 -ps finishing a few books a week?? I take weeks to read just one! you are a legend! 🙂 xB

  3. Endings can be quite transformative, can’t they?

  4. As I just had to end a relationship with someone for the second time in the past five months, this post is quite timely indeed. Most endings are bittersweet, with some being more bitter than sweet and vice versa. Seeing endings as transitions or the springboard to beginnings is a great way to reframe them. Here’s to new opportunities, smooth transitions, and great beginnings!

  5. You post rings true. Endings are beginnings.
    I think the ‘ending’ that you and I write about in our blogs is the same yet different. The same, because it is a new beginning (if you let it), yet different because of the unexpectedness and suddenness. for changes that you expect (like the end of a school term) one has had a chance to work through what will be coming before it actually come. it is more difficult working through the changes after the event.

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