Walking a Marriage

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  1. Tiger is lovely. I like this post and concept of the leash being a bond and not a restraint.

    I gave my husband every ounce of trust I had and he betrayed me in the worst ways. Attempting to reestablish that trust is not going so well, I struggle daily. I imagine it would be much easier to trust someone who’d never before betrayed my trust.

    I don’t have issues trusting new people or pets, that trust for me usually comes quickly. It’s broken trust I have a hard time with. How to rebuild it, is it repairable?

    • I can’t even imagine trying to rebuild trust with my ex. I have the utmost respect for those attempting similar. What I do know is that I have to be careful that his lack of honesty doesn’t have a negative impact on how I react with others. I, too, had trusted my husband completely and he chose to rip the bond from my hands. That doesn’t mean that the leash or my grip was defective. I had to learn to trust in myself again.

      And, yes, Tiger is lovely. And spoiled:)

  2. gemmautting says:

    I read your first 5 words as a Koan – “walking-tiger-is-pure-joy.” I loved them like that – I wondered “what IS “walking-tiger”? I thought it was a way of being. Then I read the whole post and of course the meaning shifted. But in the end – it IS a Koan. “WALKING-TIGER-IS-PURE-JOY.” Thank you!

    • What a cool way to read it! Thanks for sharing:) One of my favorite parts about blogging is the interactivity and dialog that occurs that makes me see things in a different way.

  3. Awww, I wuv Tiger. Give him a rubbie from me. And, a hug to you, kiddo. 🙂

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