Learning to Trust Myself

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  1. Simon says:

    This was one of the overriding feelings I had when I found out about my ex-wife’s affair. I had inklings of feelings about something not being right – work trips away, wondering if she was just in the hotel room on her own or doing something (someone?!) else. And it turned out to be true. The horrible feeling of misplaced and abused trust. It was heart breaking. And now, three years later, I’m still at the point of finding it hard to trust people. And if I start having similar feelings as before regarding something not quite right, and I act on them because of previous experience, and it turns out I’m wrong?! What a mind f***. Great post 🙂

  2. “trusted him more than I trusted myself”—powerful line and powerful awareness

  3. maria5125 says:

    Same here, except my ex then threw that in my face during the divorce… It was my fault because I was to trusting, I made it too easy for him…

    • I have a feeling mine felt the same way – or saw it as a game. Pretty sick, huh, when the trusting one is made to feel inadequate.

    • Yep. Happened to me too. Apparently he left emails open on his computer, and letters on his desk- and I never found them! So it was MY fault because if I had found them and challenged him, then maybe things would not have gone so far (his ‘friendship’ sliding into an affair). ……
      Trouble was I was so trusting I never went to his desk or computer. Why would I?

      The lessons we learn…

  4. LostMyWay says:

    It is very strange how you just have that gut feeling that something isn’t right. I always listen to that feeling because 98% of the time I find it to be correct. Thats how I started to learn about what my wife was doing. Lisa you are a god send for people like us, you truly are! But you couldn’t go to Mardi Gras???????

    • Thanks:) I listen to my gut now. I’m super analytical by nature which is what led to the distrust of my intuition in the first place.

      Mardi Gras/Super Bowl = $$$$ 🙂 Plus, it was a great opportunity for my fiance and his cousin to have some guy time!

  5. candidkay says:

    Amazing–the lesson that our gut never lies. And it doesn’t. We just have to grow up enough and trust enough to believe it, even when it seems irrational . . .

  6. reocochran says:

    This is so wonderful and happy for you that you can trust again. That you can love again and feel safe. I am sorry about the lessons you have learned, very hard and overwhelming. But sometimes the end is worth the journey.

  1. February 2, 2014

    […] Last year’s Super Bowl was an exercise in trust for me, as my then-fiance and his cousin traveled to New Orleans for the game (and Mardi Gras). […]

  2. August 17, 2014

    […] And your trust in another should never be greater than your trust in yourself. […]

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