Say Stress to the Dress

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  1. Kay BeeBee says:

    Sounds perfectly perfect … x

  2. How did I miss that you are getting married? SO excited for you! Congratulations! Dreams really do come true …

    Congratulations! and lots of Rice throwing! LOL!

  4. Your dress sounds great. Your post made me smile. The consultants at make up counters make me feel the same way. How can you feel like such an ugly ducking when faced with someone who has clearly had the trowel out to apply their foundation – but it does it every time to me!

    • Oh, don’t even mention them! I usually put my head down, put a scowl on and barrel through that area!

      I guess their sales are all based on making feel like how we are isn’t enough.

  5. Those shoes are hideous, LOL!!!!

    I’m so glad you found a dress!

    I got mine at JC Penny’s and it was around $100 as well. A deep sapphire blue.

    • Sounds awesome – I love that color!

      What, you don’t want the shoes for your collection? It was fun for me (at 5’2”) to see the world from a “normal” height. Don’t think it’s worth the glitter, though:)

  6. DFB says:

    Oh, let me commiserate with you!! It’s miserable shopping for a second wedding dress– trying to be reasonable, trying to stay grounded in “you”. I found mine on Etsy. Send my measurements overseas and had it shipped to me for less than anything that I saw on a rack. Phew. People thought it was a huge risk, but those people hadn’t faced off against the 22 year old sales reps who want to cover you in bling and squeal about getting marreeeeeeeed.

  7. So you are getting married again? fantastic. I am so happy for you.

  8. sherrylcook says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you. I wrote two very funny posts about shopping with my daughter for a wedding dress. “Say yes to the dress” & “Say yes to the dress part 2.” Funny stuff!

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