Lose Your Illusion

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  1. I would have to add though, that when you are dealing with a narcissist who are very persuasive to you seeing things THEIR way things become more difficult to filter. Nothing seems real any longer. I would say that Lance Armstrong and your ex, (and my soon to be ex) are all narcissists which means they don’t see what they are doing as wrong. You never know if what you’re seeing is real or is it an illusion. I started following “One Mom’s Battle” in dealing with a narcissist and divorce yesterday. Very interesting information. When you deal with this type of person for a long time it becomes difficult to distinguish reality from falsehood or illusion and the feeling that you are going crazy yourself becomes part of your every day life.

    • Very true. Some people are excellent at convincing others that their fabrications are reality. It is crazy making. During my divorce, I kept a copy of my ex’s mug shot and an associated article in my purse as a reality anchor.

  2. Oh my God. I love your blog. I have an ex-husband that also believed his own bullshit. Even when he tried to “make amends” about it, it was somehow all justified. Fortunately my children have seen through their Father’s bullshit. Unfortunately, they shouldn’t have to learn that at such a young age. 🙁 I’ll keep reading!

    • Welcome to the blog and thanks for the support!

      Sorry to hear that you (and your kids) have experience with a Random Bullshit Generator (RBG) too. It’s not easy but it does have a way of make us appreciate life even more.

  3. renovatio06 says:

    “What we can do is let go of the assumption that we are always correct. We can be open to the thought that maybe what we are experiencing isn’t reality.” Absolutely. Takes a constant cognitive effort, though. Until this becomes our new second nature. Or to that effect 😉 And yes, the brain making sense of sensory input no matter what won’t cease to amaze me, too.

  4. sarafoley says:

    Our brain is tricky, that’s for sure. It reminds me of that beautiful quote by Eckhart Tolle: “Much suffering, much unhappiness arises when you take each thought that comes into your head for the truth”.My mother, who is most wise, says that the brain should be used like an arm or a leg ie. when it’s needed. We are the boss of our brain, not the other way around. yes, it’s hard work, because we are unravelling the habits of many millennia., but there is no work more important to do though, because look at the misery that is generated from an undisciplined, unconscious mind. Great post by the way!

  5. GoddessWife says:

    This sounds just like my soon to be ex- especially after the events of this weekend. I told him he lives in this fantasy world that he has created by believing his own lies.I agree with the comment above ‘breath again’

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