Perchance to Dream

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  1. I also had nightmares of my husband cheating while he was doing it unbeknown to me. He would reassure me after a bad dream that that’s all it was just a dream. Our therapist told us the body knows the subconscious knows, something in me knew my husband was being unfaithful. Maybe a slight clue picked up by olfactory sences or odd behavior that I chose to ignore but somewhere deep inside I knew. Strange… I also have recurring nightmares. Four of them actually, two are variations of each other. I want to write about them but they are awful two include harming others. My nightmares since my husbands infidelity have been brutal. Perhaps I’ll let your post be the motivation I need to write about my nightmares/dreams.

    • Makes you wonder what our bodies knew, doesn’t it? I know that I don’t dismiss those feelings as just my anxiety talking anymore. They are there for a reason.

      I had brutal dreams too, but mine were fully conscious daydreams. I think mine came from a place of not wanting to be victimized anymore and feeling powerless in the whole process.

      Writing about them, even if you don’t share it, might help release their hold on you. Maybe you could even give them a different ending when you write – a resolution that your subconscious is perhaps searching for.

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