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  1. Great post. I also have a deep fear of guns but mine stems from my mother being the victim of gun violence when I was 15. She had a gun held to her head, thank God she was not physically harmed. I actually grew up shooting but after that incident If I’m in the same room with a gun now I have to escape, the feeling is so uncomfortable it makes it hard for me to breathe. I abhor guns. I can’t help it and it’s not a fear I ever have a desire to face.

    • I’m sorry to hear about you mom’s experience and I am glad to hear that she made it through okay. Much of my fear came from several friends dying from gunshots – both homicide and suicide. I never thought I would face the fear until the fear faced me first.

  2. movingon says:

    Great post. I too grew up in Texas but without the guns around. I guess I was more a big city Texas.girl. We also had the same VW Bus, but in orange. Blech. I remember breaking down on a back Texas road with my parents. My stepdad got out and walked to find help. Needless to say we were in the middle of nowhere. LOL I am going to be taking lessons myself on gun safety and how to shoot once I’m out on my own. Thank you for sharing.

    • Another VW vanner:) I loved that van and it certainly provided us with comedic moments. Especially because the engine was undersized to handle the terrain of the Texas Hill Country while loaded down with firewood! Good luck with your lessons:)

  3. blogventer says:

    Love that you’re still concerned about the “zombie apocalypse” from your nightmare post the other day! 🙂 (So how are you going to destroy them, then?)

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