Write Yourself Through Divorce

Divorce is disorienting. You find yourself topsy-turvy in a world suddenly devoid of sense and reason. It is though the book of your life was suddenly ripped in two and you are standing midway through the story with no idea where the narrative goes next. Those are scary days but they are also moments filled with possibility if you know how to tap into them. Writing has a way of helping you make sense of the senseless and find your path again. Read the rest on Huffington Post.


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  1. Great post writing has helped me a lot over the last year and a lot the last few months. I use to write all the time but never somewhere like this. Just for myself. I have note books full. But I like writing somewhere like this better like you said you feel like your being heard and you are letting go of it. I also like the fact of getting feedback and talking to others who are going threw the same kind of things.

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