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9 thoughts on “See Me On the Jeff Probst Show Tomorrow, 10/9!

      1. I watched it and am shaking too. I have read your story, followed the blog and it shakes me to the core that someone whom you think you know so well for so long, is not who you think they are. It boggles my mind. I was engaged to a fellow who I had no idea was still married, luckily I found out. I still wonder about how was he was going to tell me. The reality is, he wasn’t or like you said, some times you never get the answers and that is also hard for me to accept. Thanks for sharing your story.
        You had an awesome hair day on Jeff’s show! 🙂

        1. It has shocked me how many people can relate. When all this happened, I felt so alone. One of the reasons I chose to share my story is that I never want anyone else to feel that way, especially those that may feel like they were taken for a fool. We’re not alone and, in sharing, we can all help each other heal and move forward. I agree with you – the acceptance of the unknown is hard.

          Thank you for being with me on my journey from nascent blogger to TV!

          As for the hair, I actually got a real cut and the stylist on the show did the rest. I love it, but there is no way that look is going into the classroom on a daily basis 🙂

  1. How fun! Except, you know, for the whole dumped by text by bigamist…
    I don’t own a TV right now. Don’t know when or if I will anytime soon. There will surely be an online link?

    1. Lol! True! A friend said to me, “You must be nervous.” My reply? “Nope. The hard part was living through it. This is the good stuff.” It may show up on YouTube, but you can also check out the the show’s website for at least some clips. Thanks!

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