Everything Has Changed But the Birthdate

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  1. That is so empowering to have an (almost) completely new identity!

    • Empowering and very strange. I set up a Facebook profile under my old name just to access a page one time. Now, Facebook recommends that I befriend her. It’s kinda funny:) They really are two different people!

      • Hi, I thought of you today when i read that the more devastating the death of a relationship was, the better. This is because the person who has been really wiped out makes a lot of changes and moves on to a better life. I remembered your first comment to me was regarding your ‘tsunami’ divorce; and yet you were in a positive place. I thought ‘Wow!. There is some light here!’
        Thanks for shining it this way. 🙂

        • That makes sense. I think a total change can be easier than a partial one, assuming that one survives the initial shock, that is. The more people I’ve talked to who have been through a slow demise, the more gratitude I have for my tsunami. Thank you for sharing what you read!

  2. dkdiet says:

    I had the same thing happen just this week buying a light fixture for my new (2 year old) home. They pulled up my cell phone and asked me if I was “so-and-so” (my married name.) I just wanted to look at the salesman and say, “no, I have no idea who that is!” You’re a great writer.

    • It’s funny for me- I still sometimes straddle the world of both names. I’m a teacher and all of my classroom stuff has my old name. My former students call me by my old name. And so does Geico ( of course, they also think my ex lives with me and I’ve moved five times since then!). Thanks for the follow and I promise to never call you by your former name:)

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