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  1. stephenedwards425 – Nashville, Indiana – I began life going the wrong way. After nearly two decades I had a life revelation. As part of my turn around I became an ultra-distance runner, who a few years ago, ran 3,160 mile across the United States, from Pacific Grove, CA to Rehobeth Beach, DE. Along the way I learned a few things about life, motivation, pain, and, as I like to say, "gobs of other stuff." I co-founded, along with my wife Susie, LifeRevelation. We develop the content for Women's Professional Development Conferences. What Cirque du Soliel has done for circuses is what we envision doing for motivational seminars. We incorporate acrobats, magicians, uni-cyclists, fire-eaters, hand puppets, and drama, as well as speakers, into our program. When women leave our one-day conferences, they are Stronger, Better, and Ready For Whatever. Life is a Revelation...Be encouraged!
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    Although at times it may feel like you are going to die, and you may even wish for it…but you won’t…sometimes that next breath may feel like all you have…but at least it is there…and where there is breath, there is life…life you can live.
    Be encouraged!

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