Heart Beans


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I received an invitation this morning to a friend’s retirement party on the 29th of this month. Before I responded, I checked the calendar on my iPhone to see if I had any scheduling conflicts. I was surprised, and not a little puzzled to see an entry for 8 PM on that day for Heart beans. Ten minutes prior, an alarm should notify me of the momentous occasion. An occasion so important that I have no idea what it means.

Apparently, at some point since February when I received the phone as a gift, I learned of some event or some task that needed to be done on the last Wednesday of August. I most likely took out my phone while riding (note – NOT driving!) in a car or while engaged in some other activity and quickly typed out a reminder, typos and all.

Something went from being of critical importance a few weeks or months ago to being completely forgotten now. Isn’t it often that way? The things which vie for position in the forefront of our minds from day to day frequently do not mean much to us just a short time later. Sometimes it helps to pause and pull back and look at the big picture. Let perspective shine on that which really matters.

I plan on going to my friend’s retirement party after I carefully add it into my phone’s calendar. And maybe I’ll bring a gift of Heart beans…if I can ever figure out what they are.


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