Push “Pause” or “Play”?

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  1. misslisted says:

    it is possible to push pause and take actions at the same time…as a yoga teacher/practitioner I have learned how to work more into healing and less into injury, but it’s an exploration for sure…

  2. Grace says:

    Sometimes playing through the pain is the worst thing you can do. And I’m not simply referring to sports. For what it’s worth, I vote for “pause”!

    • Well, I kind of paused:) I ended up running with a friend because she needed to talk and process some things (which running is awesome for!). But, now, I’m pausing and letting it be.

  3. rascalfoxx says:

    being a cat, i have to vote for paws. 😛

    enjoying your thoughts here, thank you for your like of my post why did i get married and your visits to my blog time after time, Have a lovely day. Betty

  5. foroneplease says:

    very well put, and so true! 🙂

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