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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Marathon Musings

Sharing is caring!

Sharing is caring!

8 thoughts on “Marathon Musings

      1. Well you succinctly struck the nail upon the head…I had to laugh as I read, because it so perfectly encapsulated how my life was for over 12 years of running professionally.

        God how I miss it…I would give years off my life just to be able to get up, lace on a pair of running shoes, head out the backdoor, and run for 20 miles…I loved every single minute of it…which is saying a lot since I’ve run in 123 degree heat and -20 degree cold…trust me the cold was much easier…but I loved it all.

        Thanks for putting a smile on face today…it is these small things that mean so much to me.

        Be encouraged!

        1. I’m waiting for the cold front. This heat is brutal! I really do wish I could have a water boy (oh, hell, why not a water truck with fans?) follow me on my summer runs. I’m debating about creating a totally made up formula. Something like (actual mileage)x(number of degrees above 80)(.25) = perceived mileage. And, of course, I would use the perceived mileage for my training log. Using this metric, my 16 miles was actually 28 miles. Not too bad:)

          1. Sort of like a heat index kind of thing…well it’s actually this hot, but it FEELS this hot…because we all FEEL hot the same way…so I ran x miles but it FEELS like x+ miles…excellent idea…a true scientific breakthrough. hahaha!

            Be encouraged!

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