You Win Some When You Lose Some: A Father’s Day Tribute

Ice skating with dad

Three years ago next month, I lost my husband. Three years ago next month, I gained a father.

My parent’s divorce occurred when I was in elementary school. My dad then relocated across the country shortly after I turned 11. We did not see much of each other for the rest of my childhood or throughout my twenties. In fact, we didn’t really know each other.

Three years ago next month, I went to visit my dad for the first time in several years. I think we were both a little nervous, as were trying to learn the choreography of our adult relationship. I was with him when I received the text that ended my marriage. In that instant, I gained a father in the truest sense of the word.

With no hesitation, I became his little girl again. He moved into action immediately, doing what he could . He held my hand for the endless trip back to Atlanta, not even letting go when he drifted off to sleep on the plane. He made the phone calls I couldn’t and stayed in the house with the dogs when I wasn’t able. He cried with me and cursed with me. He hurt with me and he healed with me.

Three years ago next month, I gained a father. A guide. A cheerleader. A mentor. A friend.

Sometimes, it takes a loss to realize what you have. You win some when you lose some. Dad, I’m glad I won you:)

And Tiger’s looking forward to your visit too!

Tiger is excited to meet his granddaddy!

Thank you for sharing!

4 thoughts on “You Win Some When You Lose Some: A Father’s Day Tribute

  1. Gee whiz. Make a man cry in daylight hours. 😀

    I remembered you had said your dad was with you at that time. Didn’t know the back story.
    Btw, that skating pic of you. . .you couldn’t be cuter.
    I hope that makes you blush. Only fair after you bringing tears to my eyes 😛

    Best wishes to you both. And Tiger too. And your beeffriend. I gotta go do something manly after all this emotion stuff.

  2. Lisa, this is soooo special. Priceless. Precious. I can’t tell you how glad I am for both of you. Your Dad is very lucky to have you for his daughter. This makes my heart feel good. 🙂 Great photo for this.

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