The Beauty of a Summer Garden is in Its Abundance


The beauty of a summer garden is found in its abundance.  The welcoming sunshine and needed rain uniting to provide the ideal conditions for growth.  Beds become a beautiful, riotous mess even under the watchful eyes of trained gardeners and hundreds of volunteers.









They refuse to follow the rules and color within the lines; instead their reach extends into walkways, obscuring the path.











The eye dances along the woven green tapestries formed by the intertwining stems.  Their bold blooms fight for attention and resist being reigned in.  These are not flowers to be controlled, to be clipped and tucked into proper arrangements.  Rather, these are blossoms of pure, unbridled exuberance.

There are seasons in our lives that are like a summer garden.  Times when our moments are filled with new ideas, new experiences, and new relationships.  Celebrate the abundance in those seasons.  Revel in the new growth.  Don’t be concerned when your path is obscured.  It will be revealed in time.  Don’t worry that the garden bed of your life is becoming too full.  There is time enough for pruning later.  Do not fret if your mind’s eye has trouble settling on a single bloom.  Rather, let it explore the interconnectedness of your sprouting life.











Stand tall among your summer blooms and enjoy the beauty of its abundance.

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  1. Capt. Savage says:

    Beautiful imagery both in words and images, great post!

  2. Thomas Ross says:

    Thanks. I needed this today. Beautiful.

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