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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

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I’m tempted to post a scathing diatribe about my ex, complete with name, SSN, and mugshot.  But fueling that anger won’t help me move forward and won’t make it any easier to sever the ugly tie to the past that reared its ugly head this morning.  So instead, I’m just trying to remember that the current discomfort is only temporary and that I have so much to be thankful for.  I am not going to let his actions ruin my weekend, much less my life.

Happy Saturday:)





Sharing is caring!

4 thoughts on “Some Days Are Harder Than Others

  1. Good for you! Perspective will help support you through this temporary madness. Keep your head up!

  2. As I have said previously, I’m only 2 months into the world of separation/divorce but I know you are doing the right thing. Here in the Greater Toronto Area (eh!) it is a glorious, sunny weekend with wonderful breezes. I’ll be damned if STBX is going to do anything to slow my enjoyment of it!

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