Mindfulness is a Highlighter

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  1. rascalfoxx says:

    Speaking of thinking about things, I had not thought about this. hmmm I need to be more present. But also keep the good future in mind. Tricky for me. Thx.

    Ahhh, insight arriving as I reread “When do you tend to engage in mental escape?” I just did that a few hours ago. Wow.
    This is a good ‘aha’ moment. huh.

  2. persuaded2go says:

    This is VERY PROFOUND to me, and makes a LOT of sense. Thank you! I did this to a certain degree when I was having an affair, because I didn’t want to address the issues I was dealing with. Now that my husband and I are working things out, I have to learn how to reconnect those synapses.

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