Mindfulness is a Highlighter

Do you turn your gaze when you receive a shot?  Dream of a tropical island while you are on the dentist’s chair?  Imagine walking on the beach while you are crushed into the seats in coach for a cross-country flight?  Our minds are so good at these little disconnections, these travels away from the current discomfort.  The problem is that, as with anything we repeatedly do, that mental disconnection can become a habit.

Deception Pass and Fidalgo Island (Photo credit: WorldIslandInfo.com)

When I take an honest look back at my life, I can see that I have, at times, become too dependent upon my mind’s ability to wander.  I had two years of teaching where I was completely miserable due to the circumstances at the school.  In order to cope, I distracted myself as much as possible.  I was not present in that classroom at all, although I still made connections with the kids and the test scores showed that they mastered the matieral.  I knew that I was unhappy with work, but when I realized how dependent I had become on being  disconnected, I knew that I had to make a change.  A drastic one.

Mindfulness is a highlighter.  Examine your own life.  When do you tend to engage in mental escape?  That is a clue that something about that environment, situation, or relationship may need to change because it is causing you pain.  Or, perhaps, you need to be honest with yourself about the discomfort and change your approach to it.  Regardless, mentally running away from any lasting situation will not be of benefit.  Bring your focus to the present and connect with what is causing you discomfort. As with studying a textbook, the highlighted areas are the ones that need more attention.

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2 thoughts on “Mindfulness is a Highlighter

  1. Speaking of thinking about things, I had not thought about this. hmmm I need to be more present. But also keep the good future in mind. Tricky for me. Thx.

    Ahhh, insight arriving as I reread “When do you tend to engage in mental escape?” I just did that a few hours ago. Wow.
    This is a good ‘aha’ moment. huh.

  2. feelingpaint – As odd as it sounds, writing & painting seem to come alive before I understand them. There's a certain permission to letting go of producing something dignified, but once I have crossed that line anyway, the paint wildly hits the fan and the only thing to do is make art with it. I'm not on a self-improvement journey, I'm on a self-discovery journey. And now that I wrote that, I want to delete it because it sounds selfish. Instead of editing it out, it's my gift to you: "I'll scribble first." Art that heals is worth the journey. And no canvas is ever finished anyway. Because life. And life is a good thing, because sometimes the canvas. is. a. mess.
    persuaded2go says:

    This is VERY PROFOUND to me, and makes a LOT of sense. Thank you! I did this to a certain degree when I was having an affair, because I didn’t want to address the issues I was dealing with. Now that my husband and I are working things out, I have to learn how to reconnect those synapses.

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