It’s Not Alphabetical, But “Me” Comes Before “Marriage”

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  1. boyalasco says:

    thats true about having to find those things within ourselves before we can find a partner that can see them too and seeing same in another.thatnks for this post

  2. persuaded2go says:

    Thank you for sharing that…it makes a LOT of sense..! I’m trying to figure out how/why I cheated and the line that struck me was “iv you cant be loyal to yourself”…and I realized a problem I never saw before…! Thank you for sharing…

  3. Rick says:

    In my teens & 20s I felt pressured to be married. It did not come from any one person just what I was expected to do. Having had good examples of marriage from parents/grand-parents I saw it as something of value yet at the sametime not something I saw my self capable of doing. So at 30 I set out to cultivate and strengthen the qualities I’d seen in others necessary for a successful marriage. During the third year my future wife noticed me and we married 2 years later. Nine good years of marriage, one not so good. The good stuff found during preparation was not destroyed in the end.

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