En Guarde: Lessons From the Fencing Strip

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  1. rascalfoxx says:

    Fantastique! Ton mots sont vrai. And you continue to surprise and impress. Great lessons. And oh so true.

    I had not noticed that you are vertically challenged. I played basketball and often found myself dealing with opponents over a foot taller. Which simply meant that their ribs were the right height for my elbows, as they each found out. The avantages are always there for us; our key is recognizing as you have clearly stated. 😀

  2. Rick says:

    Archery was to me as fencing to you. Before all the pulleys were added a bow was a piece of art almost. It had to balance with the individual and match the arrow to be true. No I never mastered archery, my younger brother split a limb of the bow. But it was a ‘Zen’ kinda thing long before the concept ever reached Corpus.

    KTB is not to be taken lightly but when one must it has to be taken whole heartedly.

    • I’ll bet archery has quite a bit of zen to it. Very cool;)

      • rascalfoxx says:

        I didn’t realize it until decades later but I grew up with a Renaissance Woman for a mother. She was very much a lady but fearless. Fenced, was great with a bow, won a Marksman award with her rifle shooting, got into karate in her 60s, spoke a few languages, learned Spanish when she was 70, but most people didn’t know about that. She was recognized for her music compositions, and other more conventional things. And she played with me, read to me, and talked to me. We read the works of Bill the Bard and talked about them. I don’t remember our conversations but she was where and how I became a real person. Thanks for reminding me of those good things. 😀
        Occasionally she let me stay home from school because I loved cartoons so much. I can see that she tried to balance out the dark side in our house and I appreciate her for that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank for posting this.
    Neil Mittal

    • Pouj was a very special man who touched quite a few lives. He is missed and remembered fondly.

      • Joe Roscoe says:

        Indeed! I had the pleasure of his coaching talent almost 40 years ago. So glad he was able to realize some of his dreams when he joined his dad and with the central Texas fencing community.

        I was googling Pouj (I knew him as Gerry) and found your blog. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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