Anger is a Succubus

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  1. rascalfoxx says:

    This is meaningful. I look forward to your posts about your strategies! 😀

  2. Michelle Stevens says:

    Sad thing for me, anger hasn’t been reached yet. Only guilt and pain. Guilty I wasn’t there for him as much as I wanted to be. My only excuse is two kids were pregnant. The one was in and out of hospital until finally they kept her for 15 weeks before she gave birth. I hope you know how much you have helped me! Everything you are or have experienced I have too. My heart goes out to you for the bills.

    • Are you letting yourself feel the anger? Many of us (I think women, especially), have been taught that it is not acceptable to feel angry. There are times when anger is appropriate and can be a valuable tool. Obviously, you do not want to stay angry, but anger can be the push forward from the sadness.

      Journaling without editing can be a safe way to explore anger. Try putting pen to paper with no intention of ever sharing the results. You may be surprised at what comes out.

      Thanks for letting me know that this site is helping you. I’m glad you’re here:)

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