A Birthday Message to My Car

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  1. rascalfoxx says:

    Dang girl, ya made me tear up. I must have low blood sugar or some terminal illness. 😛
    You really are an amazing person and a great writer. Anyone who can write a poignant, heart slam post about a car, well, that’s really impressive.

    It was also high impact to read your statements about the bigamist. He lost his way at some point, years ago. Sad that.

    • Maybe it’s a guy thing; cars seem to have that impact:)

      He really was a good guy. It’s still difficult to reconcile who he became with who he was or who I thought he was.

      • rascalfoxx says:

        LOL Twasn’t the car! It was reading how much love you have, how much you put into the relationship, how much you cared. And that he lost his way and you lost the real him. I think he was that good guy for real, for a long time.

        The woman I married was wonderful. I lost her too. I mourned her loss long before we got divorced, for a few years. She never came back. And neither did the bigamist.

        You and I put our hearts into the relationship and the marriage. For me, even things like digging down 10-12 inches in the flower beds, etc. for longterm benefit, because we would be together longterm.

        Ah well, Nothing lost in the trying. I guess I was building myself as well, in the process. I got to keep that part. 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have that same issue here…the “reconciling” who he became with who I “thought” he always was. I guess that doesn’t get any better? That’s too bad. I had high hopes. 🙁

    • I think I have given up on that reconciliation (although I have some guesses, I will never really know). I try to remember the “good” him while accepting that the person I knew is gone. In a way, it helps, for I do not miss the person he became (or revealed himself to be) at all.

  3. boyalasco says:

    you really do have a wonderful and over the years it more or less your personal friend.good post

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is so touching and so beautiful. I’m glad you got those leather seats 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    You can relate now to how I felt that the van was a very loved family member.

  6. Michelle Stevens says:

    Must be us woman, but my husband always got the new cars. Not sure why. The last one we bought before he left, It was a Kia Optima, he traded it in two months after he left for a Kia Soul. Ended up with owing $22,000 because he still owed money on the Optima. Me I have the old Scion XB, gets 30 mph and has 200,000 miles on it. But I love it!

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