Why I Run

I run not to get away,  but to get through.

I run not to become out of breath, but to gain breath.

I run to be social and I run for solitude.

I run to connect and I run to disconnect.

I run not to avoid work, but to inspire work.

I run to feel empowered and I run to remind myself that I am still weak.

I run to meditate and I run to ruminate.

I run not to lose weight, but to gain balance.

I run because it is what I do.

Because I run, I can be who I am.

And that is why I run.

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5 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. sweetopiagirl – BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA – So how is everything going Ladies and gentlemen, (Smile) We are here to help you to gain as much knowledge as possible about losing weight. It has been more than eight years since I was considered obese, and that is something you never ever wanted to be labeled and you can't for the life of you get that out of your mind. I had reached my highest weight in my early forties and I was miserable . I wondered and wondered what have I done to myself, but I did not have time to feel sorry for myself so I focused on finding ways to make myself look better and feel better. I finally started searching the website, looking for a fitness place to go to so that they could possibly help me to get my body back the way it once was, and I found it. I didn't have a car at the time so I walked to Curves, registered with them and then I started working out there. The atmosphere was great and the people there were between 19 and 78, and everyone there was there to help each other, because we were all there to loss weight and to get healthy. Well, I pretty much walked to Curves everyday, of course there was a city bus that I could have caught, but I really don't enjoy the bus system at all. And by the way walking is healthy for you, there are so many benefits that you can get out of it, losing inches, and losing weight! I loved working out at Curves so much that I decided to apply for employment there, and guess what, I got hired. I am here to help you to stay focused on the bigger picture and that is to lose weight in a safe healthy way, one thing you don't want to do is start out doing anything too fast, you have to give the body time to adjust!! Let's Get Started!!
    sweetopiagirl says:

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    Running is one of my favorite workouts!

  2. ourlifein3d – Life In 3D started as my Daddy Day Dare. I became a stay at home Dad years ago. My fast-paced professional life was thrown in reverse as I taught phonics and watched yet another episode of Dora The Explorer. Now, many years later, my girls are starting to grow up a little. 'Cute and cuddly' is being replaced with homework, spankings and braces. Check in from time to time to see how this experiment continues to evolve. See if I can survive as the only male in the house. I will offer our stories on the girls' escapades; never dull and hopefully amusing!
    Our Life In 3D says:

    Running is just putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. Its that easy. Keep going!

  3. looking for buddha again – I'm a divorcing dad. Betrayed via infidelity by my wife. I love my kids and miss the wholenss of my family. I never thought this could happen to us. I always thought we would be that special couple and be together forever. But... Fast forward. Now divorced and it still sucks.
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    Love this post….so I thought I’d share it with my piece of the blogosphere.

  4. this is a good post i guess we should all learn to run

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