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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Wayne Dyer: Don’t Dwell on the Past

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What a simple, yet elegant way to view past relationships.  I know that I see my life as divided into 3 acts as of now: childhood, the 16 years with my ex, and post-divorce.  While some characters have remained constant throughout the play, others have exited stage right once their part in the story was done. They have their mark and helped to shape the story, but they do not need to occupy space on the stage anymore; they are relegated to the shadows of the wings.  Remember that the curtains may close briefly between acts, but they do not remain closed until the final call.  Just because there is a shift in the action and a change of characters, does not mean the story is over.  Do not be afraid to open the curtains to the next act of your life.

Wayne Dyer: Don’t Dwell on the Past.

Stage curtains

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10 thoughts on “Wayne Dyer: Don’t Dwell on the Past

  1. I use the term ‘sojourn’ to sum up segments (10 yrs +/- each) of my life. Each of which is defined by some major event(s) or particular stage of life. Currently I seem to be resting in preparation for #7. Do the math and I’ll have given up my age-whoa that number is getting up there LOL
    The thing about them, be it act or sojourn or how ever one sees it, is there is only so much preparedness one can achieve and not everything will be anticipated.

    1. So true…I used to think that I could control my life through planning, when in fact preparation just gives the illusion of control. I like the term “sojourn,” it emphasizes the impermanence in life.

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