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Taming the Monkey Mind: Accepting the Way of the Monkey

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Monkey and baby

As I mentioned in my last Monkey Mind post, I am done with the enumeration of my meditation practice.  I feel as though I have begun to make it a part of me and the key is just to commit to it every day.  In this way, the remainder of the 28 days will pass and hopefully many more.

My lesson of late has been one of acceptance.  It is foolish to expect monkeys to act like disciplined martial arts students; they have a wild way about them that resists too much control. Trying to collect the monkey mind is like trying to hold water in a sieve, you focus on one area, and the critters escape out the other holes.  I am learning to cover all the escape routes in my mind with a thin layer of intention, rather than focusing too intently on one gap or another.  I still lose focus, but it is more nuanced, more relaxed and less like a game of Whack a Mole.  I think I’m finally understanding that oxymoron of “relaxed intention.”

On an aside, I am finding that I meditate much better in a prone position.  I’m not sure why this is, perhaps it sends a message to my mind that it is time to relax.  I would like to become more comfortable practicing in the seated position, but I am not going to push it at this point.

I am excited about my practice this afternoon.  (Uh-oh, here I go with those expectations again…)  I have been wanting to meditate lying in the warm sun, feeling the rays sooth me with their heat.  Today should be a good day for that.  Unless it isn’t, and I shall have to accept that.

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