How a Date With a Dog Opened my Heart

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  1. rascalfoxx says:

    LOL Once again, a headline that I would be in big trouble, if I used it. But you can use it and it’s nice!

    And a great story. Your pic of mature Tiger looks so much like Dillon, my good friend for almost 15 years. Dillon passed away in 2004 after I moved away from her, having to leave her with my former spouse.

    Nice that you could be together with Tiger and his ‘daddy’.

    I also just realized that I have never had a date with a dog. 😛

    Interesting. Thanks for your great blogs!

    • I highly recommend a date with a dog. They are happy no matter where you take them, easy to please, and cheap! The only problem is that their breath tends to be on the poor side… 🙂

      • rascalfoxx says:

        So many comments come to mind; all of which will bring down the wrath of the feministas upon me.
        Of course, your comment is loaded but ur a girl so you can get away with it! 😛
        The pic for my avatar is a good friend who passed last Fall. He was so trusting of me that he would ride on the hood of the car while I drove around the sleepy little village that has been home for a few years now.
        I miss him a lot. Seems so strange for him to not be around. He went thru two divorces with me.
        And came with me cross country twice.

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