How a Date With a Dog Opened my Heart

When I first started dating again, I was guarded.  I was ready to date rather quickly, but not quite ready to fully trust or to completely open up to another.  I viewed dating as a fun pastime, an opportunity to do things, get to meet new people, and learn more about myself.  I had no expectations, no goals, and no objectives.  I kept myself at a safe distance by telling my story early (just imagine hearing about a bigamist soon-to-be-ex-husband on a first date!) and informing my date that I was planning on moving to Seattle in a few months.  I let myself be attracted, but I kept my heart in reserve, hiding my vulnerabilities and projecting an aura of self-sufficiency.  I didn’t make it easy to get to know me and I was happy that way.

Until I met this guy.

Who could resist this face?

I had gone out with his owner a couple times.  We had an attraction, but I had (foolishly) chosen to focus on another guy over him.  We kept in touch over the next few weeks,  and when he rescued the world’s most adorable pit bull puppy, he sent me a picture of Tiger via email.  I didn’t think I could fall in love with a dog again after the pain of losing mine.  I was wrong.  That little guy (okay, maybe little isn’t quite the right word!) held nothing in reserve when we met.  He greeted me as though I was his long lost buddy.  He didn’t care what baggage I brought or that I was still learning to trust.  He fully accepted me as I was at that moment.  I didn’t have to protect myself or worry about getting hurt.  I didn’t have to consider if he was truthful or hiding ulterior motives.  All things that would go through my mind on a date.

Tiger wormed his way into my heart over the next few weeks.  I found myself softening, trust building both towards the dog and towards his daddy.  I’m not sure I would be where I am today without Tiger; he was my guide back into love.

A more “mature” Tiger

Thank you for sharing!

3 thoughts on “How a Date With a Dog Opened my Heart

  1. LOL Once again, a headline that I would be in big trouble, if I used it. But you can use it and it’s nice!

    And a great story. Your pic of mature Tiger looks so much like Dillon, my good friend for almost 15 years. Dillon passed away in 2004 after I moved away from her, having to leave her with my former spouse.

    Nice that you could be together with Tiger and his ‘daddy’.

    I also just realized that I have never had a date with a dog. 😛

    Interesting. Thanks for your great blogs!

    1. I highly recommend a date with a dog. They are happy no matter where you take them, easy to please, and cheap! The only problem is that their breath tends to be on the poor side… 🙂

      1. So many comments come to mind; all of which will bring down the wrath of the feministas upon me.
        Of course, your comment is loaded but ur a girl so you can get away with it! 😛
        The pic for my avatar is a good friend who passed last Fall. He was so trusting of me that he would ride on the hood of the car while I drove around the sleepy little village that has been home for a few years now.
        I miss him a lot. Seems so strange for him to not be around. He went thru two divorces with me.
        And came with me cross country twice.

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