5 Things Which Require More Flexibility Than Yoga

Divorce certainly takes flexibility, mental contortions.  Your life partner has become an enemy, stranger, platonic friend, or some combination of the three.  You have to go from seeing yourself as half of a package deal to solo, ties to no other.  You may be negotiating how to parent children when the parents no longer share a home.  You may be deconstructing the destruction, examining the known from unknown angles.  It is so easy to blame, yourself and others, for the way things are.  Everything that has been assumed is no longer.  The old lines of mental travel, though well-worn, will not serve you here.  It is time to be more flexible, more accepting of what is.  Wherever you are today is where you are meant to be.  Let go, breathe, and you will deepen.


5 Things Which Require More Flexibility Than Yoga.

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