Variable Moods and Extrinsic Sources of Happiness

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  1. As a person who loves math…and video games, and also as a parent who helps his own children with math (even though my daughter really does not get it and that at times frustrates me) I totally understand both sides of this. I would have been the kid in the class who does no homework, barely puts any effort into the class yet tests well. I do feel like I let a lot of my teachers down….so since I can’t say it to my former teachers…I will say this to you, I apologize for slacking off and believe or not, I actually enjoyed your class because I totally understood everything you were saying.

  2. rascalfoxx says:

    My heart is touched that you care so much about your students. If only more cared like you do!
    Kudos to you.

    “Richer than you will never be, for I had a teacher who cared for me!”

    The world would be a good place with teachers like you. Thanks.

  1. November 21, 2013

    […] I’m letting my students dictate my happiness.  […]

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