Upright and Locked Position

A seat graphic on a Song airplane.
A seat graphic on a Song airplane. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came across this article on Mind Body Green tonight and, boy, did it ever strike a chord.  Just last week, I was in yoga class.  This class is a bit advanced for me; there are often poses that I cannot fully acquire and that I am working towards.  The instructor had us move into some bind (I don’t know the name, but we got there from a revolved crescent lunge).  I found myself getting frustrated; my hips were tight and not allowing a full twist, I couldn’t figure out my left from my right (gotta love the Twister-effect of those binds), and I couldn’t manage to get the strap I was using in both hands at the same time.  Eventually, I froze.  I stopped breathing.  My mind locked and the body followed.  Luckily, the instructor saw me and provided assistance.  I was able to complete the full pose on the other side with little trouble.

I saw this same response in one of my students today.  She was struggling with the math.  Eventually, she froze.  She stopped breathing.  Her mind locked and her body followed.  I was more patient than I may have otherwise been, remembering my recent experience.  Anytime we are facing something unfamiliar and uncomfortable, it is easy to respond this way, but easy does not mean best.

Next time I am in a bind, I am going to try to breath and surrender rather than get stuck in an upright and locked position.

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  1. The monkeys were at bay this day and you gave to your student what your instrutor had given to you. The whole “Pass It Forward” movement in a nutshell.

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