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Taming the Monkey Mind: Halfway Point

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Halfway Line Halfway Line on football pitch on...
Halfway Line Halfway Line on football pitch on Tokyngton recreation ground (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually when I run, the hardest part for me is getting to the halfway point.  After that, my Nike iFit begins to count backwards (ex. 5 miles to go) and my brain begins to relax.  For the first half, I feel like I’m choosing to run away from something (the start line, the car, the house).  Once I hit the midway marker, I begin to run towards something.

The 28 day meditation challenge has occupied a similar spot in my brain.  At first, I was mainly concerned with ticking off the days, ensuring that I didn’t miss any.  Now, that part seems easy.  I can let go of the training log and focus more on the destination.  It’s interesting, the aspect that was the most difficult for me at first (practicing daily), has become simple.  In fact, I think my key to incorporating meditation into my life long term is not to commit to doing it a few times a week, but to vow to practice daily.  It is not like running, where the body needs a rest, and those days off are where my practice tends t slip into oblivion.  I think the key for me will be to incorporate meditation daily in some form for some amount of time.

As far as the practice itself, that monkey mind isn’t much quieter, but it doesn’t bother me as much anymore.  I am able to calmly quiet it again. And again.  And again.  What I have found; however, is a change in my monkey mind in the other moments of my life.  I seem to be able to stay more calm and centered.  A good skill for a middle school teacher to have in the days leading up to spring break!

Monkey 343
Monkey 343 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The article below reminds us that happiness is found in the present, not through future plans or past ruminations.  Stay now.

Let Go, Forgive, and Be Grateful Right Now.

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