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Some people like to run with friends. Others prefer to run with scissors (I’m looking at you, Augusten Burroughs). As for me, I prefer to run with zombies.

First, a quick note. I’ll be honest: I’m not sure which preposition to use here.

Running with zombies or

Running from zombies?

Nonetheless, I did run and there were (at least in a sense) zombies.  I downloaded the Zombies, Run App on my iPhone the other day.  This app is like a video game that you play by running.  A story is told, a mission at a time, over and between the songs on your playlist.  As you reach certain time and/or distance goals, you obtain items which help you in further missions.  The best part, and the reason I tried the app, is that periodically the zombies will chase you, forcing you to pick up the pace and sprint.

A little disclaimer here.  I’m usually really good about pushing myself, but I have a hard time doing much of a sprint in the middle of a run.  I get in the groove and go.  So, usually my excuse for speed work (with the exception of dedicated sprints) is pretty pitiful.

Yeah, the zombies changed that.  Even when you are surrounded by families pushing strollers and walking adorable little puppies, something about the sounds of the undead behind you encourages you to run.  Fast.  I got more out of that run than I normally do with speed work.

Today was my first trial, and I now know I need to tweak my playlist before I use it again.  I tend to run to a mix of heavy metal and Celtic music (look, we’ve already established I’m a little nuts; no need to rub it in).  Well, the former, was a great soundtrack for the walking dead.  Somehow it just seemed right to hear their moaning over Megadeth, Slayer, or Dead Horse.  But the Celtic?  Not so much.  I kept picturing a pipe and drum band formed of zombies chasing me, their kilts a’flapping in the wind.  Shudder.  I think I might save the Scottish for the zombie-free runs.

Overall, it was a fun little experiment that made my run entertaining and pushed me a little harder.  I think I’ll add zombies to my running repertoire.  Once I rip those bagpipes from their undead hands, that is.

Thank you for sharing!

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