Confidence Run

It’s been awhile since I’ve run a double-digit distance.  Today,I decided to tackle 10 miles, mainly to try to convince the naysayers living in my head that I was not totally crazy to sign up for a marathon this fall.  I have noticed that when I slack off of running, I start to get fearful that I will be able to do it again.  I find the best remedy for this negativity is to run.  Not elegant, but it works.

During today’s run, two of the three members of the running triumvirate decided to show: lungs and mind were present and accounted for.  Unfortunately, my lower legs and feet did not get the memo.  I blame this on two things.  First, I missed my normal yoga class this week and the DYI variety just does not seem to stretch me as deep or as long.  Secondly, apart from running shoes, I am very frugal with my footwear.  Considering I stand for 7-9 hours a day on concrete floors, this is not necessarily a good trait to have.  I am making a public vow to get a couple of decent pairs of work shoes over spring break and try to replace them before the end of the next decade.

Overall, it was a good run.  I kept a respectable sub 7:30 pace and the heat didn’t bother me too much (I thank the hot power yoga for that).  Still, it is a little daunting that I’ll have to run over 2 1/2 times that distance soon.  Yikes.  Best not to think about it too much, especially while I’m resting my achy feet!

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  1. I ran a half marathon on Sunday – 11.0 minute pace (PR half for me at 2:24:41) … I can only dream about running a 7.5 minutes pace! Run on, sista! You rock!

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